TRI-CITIES, Wash — Now might be a good time to sell your house. The Tri-Cities real estate market is doing well as we move into spring.

Jayson Williams has lived in Richland for the last three years, but he needs more space for his growing family, so he recently put his house up for sale. It’s been on the market for about 60 days.

“Usually two to three showings a week. No offers yet but we’ve been having people look,”said Williams.

But he’s not worried yet. Greg Tripp with Windermere Group in Richland says the market is hot.

“The majority on the market are moving quickly again under 300,000 a great place to be over 300,000 a little slower but they are moving as well,”said Tripp.

The average single family home in the Tri-Cities is on the market for about 100 days regardless of price

More sales in 2013 compared to 2012.Total listing were also down in 2013 compared to 2012.That trend is continuing into 2014. With less inventory houses are selling even quicker. Edgardo Ayala has been a real estate investor for about three years and it’s paying off

“In a about a month of me putting it out there and I didn’t even put it on the market like that, it was word of mouth and it went right away,”said real estate investor Edgardo Ayala.

Edgardo couldn’t believe it now he and his wife are looking for a new place to live as they prepare to sale their house too.

“I was very surprised, let’s me know the market is coming up,”said Ayala.

Residential sale price averages for the Tri-Cities is up about 20,000 from 4 years ago to roughly 200,000 dollars and for Jayson he’s still not worried but ready more space

“Buy my house please,”said Jayson Williams.

Most real estate sales over the past year have been in Kennewick.

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